Lao Foundation’s 14th Year Founding Anniversary

Today, June 25, 2024, marks Lao Foundation’s 14th year Founding Anniversary. The journey of Lao Foundation throughout the years has been fruitful and full of lessons that continue to guide us today. Now in our 14th year, LFI continues to strive for its mission of providing opportunities for those most in need by growing our objectives, programs, processes, and personnel.

As another year passes, we would like to thank everyone who has supported us, and continues to uplift us in this journey. Thank you to the Lao Family, D&L Group of Companies, our donors, our Board of Trustees, our partner organizations, all our LFI scholars, LFI Alumni, LFI Parents, LFI Volunteers, and many others who continue to believe and share the same vision that LFI has. It is only through working together that LFI has reached this point and continues to strive for greater heights.

In celebration of our founding anniversary, the LFI Team would like to share the many accomplishments that we have all achieved so far – more importantly, the many lives that we have touched, the families we have inspired, and the students we have given hope to.

Thank you all again for everything that you do for Lao Foundation and for your continued support in the years to come.