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We support communities through programs focused on values formation, education, & sustainable livelihood.

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At the Lao Foundation, we are always looking for partners and clients that will help us carry out our task of building minds, forming hearts, and changing lives

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Our Programs

Partner-Based Program

The Lao Foundation aims to provide quality education and wider opportunities to underprivileged students for them to be gainfully employed and to be able to alleviate their families from poverty.

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Community-Based Program

The Lao Foundation aims to support the coconut farming communities.

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Scholarship Program

The Lao Foundation support the communities surrounding the D&L Group of Companies as well as their children/dependents.

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Lao Boh Lim Educational Excellence Awards

The Lao Boh Lim Educational Excellence Awards is a program that gives recognition to children of D&L employees who excel in their academics and different passions. The program emphasizes that one’s goals and dreams can be achieved through hard work and determination. It also highlights the D&L employees who champion the value of excellence not […]

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Evelyn Lee Lao Teachers’ Welfare Program

In honor of the founders’ mother, this program recognizes teachers’ roles in education and community development by sponsoring stipends for retired educators and future educators.

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Special Assistance Program

This program responds to unexpected needs that arise in the communities we serve. Through its immediate responsiveness, the foundation is able to assist our communities in times of uncertainty, crises, and emergencies.

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