Our Story

The Lao Foundation Inc. (LFI) started from the D&L Group of Companies’ small, often informal initiatives, which consisted of feeding programs, educational grants, and health- related projects. Formally established in 2010, LFI’s projects have now grown into the structured scholarships, livelihood programs, and leadership sessions they are today. What makes LFI so special and personal is that it operates not only as the CSR arm of the D&L arm of the D&L Group of Companies, but as a family foundation as well.

The Lao Family would not be where we are today without the influence and inspiration of my paternal grandparents, whose professions are icons of humble service and hard work. My grandmother was a teacher, while my grandfather was a bank employee. It was through them that my uncles, who then founded the D&L Group of Companies, were motivated to gradually engage in community involvement as a way of sharing and giving back. It is also through their selfless service that continues to inspire LFI, as we develop programs and services to help empower individuals and nurture communities.

Together with the Lao Family, the D&L Group of Companies, and our partner institutions, LFI is working to strengthen communities towards leadership and excellence by sparking the potential in each of beneficiaries. Guided by the culture of selfless service, we are focused on fulfilling the challenging task of “building minds, forming hearts, and changing lives.”

Our Mission

Providing individuals with the opportunities to change their lives and the community

Lao Foundation Inc. works to build people of character and skill by providing the necessary education, livelihood skills, and support to help them improve their lives. Our goal is to empower the less fortunate to attain a better life for themselves and the entire community.

Our Vision

Empowerment through Education, Values Formation, Livelihood Training and Leadership Development

We believe that long-lasting change comes from within. That is why the Lao Foundation is focused on developing and investing in individuals, their families, as well as the community at large through various programs, not only to help them succeed in life, but also to encourage them to help others succeed. By providing them with education, values formation, and other necessary programs, it is our goal to mold empowered individuals that can contribute to building a sustainable and healthy community.

Our Values

These values are the driving force that guide us and define our decisions

  • Service

    • We pay forward whatever good we have received to help serve others who need it.
    • We show gratitude and appreciation by giving back to our communities through our deeds and actions.
    • We show compassion and strive to make a difference in people’s lives even in the smallest ways.
  • Integrity

    • We have a strong foundation of moral and ethical values.
    • We choose to always be honest and fair.
    • We are dependable, and we follow through on our commitments.
  • Humility

    • We are simple, respectful, and grounded.
    • We appreciate the value of all things, great and small.
    • We see ourselves truthfully, acknowledge our mistakes and limitations, and work towards improving ourselves.

The Foundation adopts a proposition that is essentially integrated to the vision of D&L Industries’ holding and member companies. With them and other partner institutions, LFI hopes to build and strengthen its neighbor communities towards leadership and excellence. LFI strongly believes that true and authentic people empowerment is through building competence and forming character. It sees its mission in the difficult yet challenging task of “building minds, forming hearts, and changing lives.”

We are a member of the D&L Group of Companies

We embrace a set of guiding principles that is at the heart of our operation. The philosophy behind them determines and defines our decisions. They set the standards for action They are the contestants as the foundation adapts to the changing conditions and terrains of the times.

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